Petit Opera du Monde

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Petit Opera du Monde


The “Petit Opera du Monde” was born in Paris from the idea of establishing a “different” institution for Lyric Art, far from all the existing ones!

An institution in the international theatre ambience, that it’s plays wouldn’t be products of huge ensembles and formations, but of young and avant-garde artists.

Since it’s institution the P.O.D.M. has already presented nine productions within four years:

seven operas and two theatre plays, getting started from baroque and combining theatre to opera.

Plays,that are rarely staged in big theatres, have been presented in Athens, Milan and Paris with great success, bringing on stage new voices, beautifull music and colorful imagination.

International critics (Opera, Bruno Vilien- L’ Opera, Sabino Lenoci- Opera Now G.Svolos – Concert Classique,  V. Cornubert) as well as the pubblic embrassed the project , contributing to it’s growth within the musical- theatrical world.

The beginning was in Athens’National Opera with Charpantier’s “Medea” followed by  Lulli’s “Atys”, Paisiello’s “Barbier of Seville”, whitch is edited and distributed internationally by Kicco Music.

Last January we presented  P.O.D.M. musical ensemple for the first time, in Mozart’s “Cosi fan tutte” and with the direction of  the internationally famous greek soprano Mata Katsouli.

During April we realized a master class with the famous mezzo soprano Elena Obratsova, that had great resonance.

We have realized also 29 Baroque and Classical Music concerts, lyrical conserts-gala and lindt.

All these productions have been supported esclusively by sponsorship.


In 2012 has been staged in Athens Concert Hall – in collaboration with all the Greek-French schools in Athens- the contemporary oratorio by Eleftherios Kalkanis “ Paul, Angel of Nations”, on verses by Ilias Liamis, and was sold out.

In August -September 2012 the PODM contributed in the organization of the 1st Medieval Byzantine Festival of Kastoria “Alexiada”


We hope that P.O.D.M. will be established as an institution that offers both lyrical theatre plays  and education for young artists all over Europe.

Having as starting point Greece we open our range of action for co-productions with Italy, France, Cyprus, Turkey and Baltimore Opera-U.S.A.





a) “Medea”  by Marc Antoine Charpatier

Music Direction-cembalo : Jacob Pappas

Stage designer- Direction : Vassilis Anastasiou

Costumes: Massiej Belenne

soprano : Isenman- tenore:Rakic

Orchestre: Almazis

Versailles Theatre, Volos Municipal Festival, Athens Consert Hall


b) “Atys” by  J.B. Lully

Music Direction-cembalo : Jacob Pappas

Stage designer-Costumes- Direction : Vassilis Anastasiou

soprano- Chachany, barytone:Beytoux, soprano: Boulbin, tenore: Monti

Orchestre Almazis

in Athens Concert Hall , Piccolo Teatro-MIlan


c) “The Barber of Seville”  by Giovanni Paisiello

Music Direction : Chrysanthos Alysafis

Stage designer- Direction: Vassilis Anastasiou

Costumes: Ledio Konxholli

tenore: Koroneos, barytone: Andrianos, soprano: Karagianni

Orchestre : National  Greek Opera’s Camerata

in Institution Michalis Kakogiannis, Athens Music Hall

Edited in dvd-internationally available by Kicco Music


d)“The Venetian Carneval” A. Campra

Music direction: Jacob Pappas

with the students of Athens Early Music Center

and the Almazis Orchestre

in Institution Michalis Kakogiannis


e)  “Cosi fan Tutte” by  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Music direction: Mata Katsouli

Stage designer-Direction: Vassilis Anastasiou

Costumes: Ledio Konxiolli

tenore: Ferrari, soprano: Voulogianni, soprano: Poulimenou,

barytone: Andrianos, basso: Torriani

Orchestre (for the first time) Petit Opera du Monde

in Athens Concert Hall



f) “L’Isle de Foux “ by A.Campra

Music direction: Jacob Pappas

with the students of Athens Early Music Centre

and Almazis Oerchestre

Athens Nursing Home Theatre


g) “The two Hunders and the dairy” by Egide Duni

Music direction: Jacob Pappas

with the students of Athens Early Music Centre

and Almazis Oerchestre

in Athens Nursing Home Theatre


h)  Work in Progress:

“The Italian Girl in Algers” by  Gioacchino Rossini

Music Direction: Cristian de Liso- Eleftherios Kalkanis

Stage designer- Direction: Vassilis Anastasiou

Costumes: Ledio Konxholli

soprano:M. Paparizou, basso:Torriani, tenore: F.Santolli,

tenore: M.Mironof, soprano: M.Petkova, barytone: Andrianos


The opera will be on stage in 10 Italian theatres – Fabbriano, Luca, Foggia, Livorno, Cosenza, Lecce, Cesena, Crotone, Pisa, Napoli-Teatro “Polyteama”- , in Saint Moritz Opera Festival -Switzerland and in

“ Στέγη Γραμμάτων και Τεχνών” theatre in Athens-Greece.





Theatre performances


a) “Last Breath” by Reza Dewet – in theatre “Amiral”-Athens, Greece

Direction: Vassilis Anastasiou

Stage designer: Elpida Gad

Costumes: Ledio Konxholli


b) “Lucrezia Borgia” for the Greek Municipalities Festivals

Direction: Vassilis Anastasiou

Stage designer: Michalis Sdougkos

Costumes: Ledio Konxholli







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